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Our websites and publications allows for focused and targeted publication that connects your business or product to consumers and/or business to business professionals daily.  With millions of monthly impressions, NRG Smarts Internet Brands reaches your target market wherever they are, establishing deep, long-term relationships with SMB and enterprise clients. Please download our Media Kit for more information. (link to download)

Consumer Websites

offering premium and established internet content for consumers through quality brands in the travel, automotive, health, news & education, and diversified media sectors

Business Intelligence

offering structured databases and reports, subscription-based services, professional certifications, research and business-critical information, and structured analytics

Internet Traffic

Our web marketing facilities include website submission and SEO services, Social Media likes, tweets and guaranteed website visits, managing online reputations and fast mobile web design

Our Flagship Internet Brands

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Your global guide on how to beat the casino and win the lottery.

The one-stop portal for all government services in the USA, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Automotive services and information, just for the ladies.

Helping you live to 100 by giving you a personal assessment and tips.

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